Continuing Your Study Past Week Six

I am so glad that you chose to take this study. Do you feel like you’ve discovered more of the tools you need to blend intimacy with Jesus and service for Him in the midst of your busy life? Do you feel you want to go further?

Continue to deepen your friendship with Jesus by taking the full study or adding on another week. See some recommended options below.


Pursued by Love

Living Room Intimacy

Does God want to know you? Of course He does! This week we learn how to build friendship with Him that goes beyond Sunday morning church services and an occasional bedtime prayer.

Full 10-Week Bible Study

The complete study shows how all of us – Marys and Marthas alike – can draw closer to the Lord. Deepening our devotion, strengthening our service, and doing both with less stress and greater joy – even in your busy life!


Rewriting History

Lessons from Lazarus

Have you ever struggled with God’s timing or plan? From the story of Lazarus, we learn how to trust God when everything goes wrong. Because even when He seems late, He is always on time.

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