Session Ten: Lord of the Process

Goals for this session:

  • Talk about the process God uses to make us like Jesus
  • Discover how to cooperate with grace
  • Allow God to change us from the inside out

Complete the “Session Ten” video guide while watching this week’s teaching (pg 103).

As we end this tudy:

It’s been such a joy to be on this spiritual journey with you! I want to encourage you to take what you’ve learned – both the spiritual truths as well as the practical tools – and continue to develop and deepen your friendship with Jesus.

To help facilitate that you might want to…

  • Use the “Bible Reading Highlight” format (see page 109) to journal what you hear God saying to you as you spend time in His Word.
  • Finish any study guide homework you were unable to complete.
  • Go back through Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, and mark things that impacted you.
  • Optional: Keep reviewing your memory verses, and consider adding more to your repertoire!

But remember above all, it isn’t what we do that brings the intimacy we long for. It is what Jesus has already done. So take time to sit at His feet daily. He will give you all you need – a Mary heart in a Martha world!

To help you do that, check out the Bonus Session: “Developing a Quiet Time” 

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